German China Association
President: Dist. Prof. Dr. Martin Woesler, HNU (email), HNU
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Welcome to the homepage of the German China Association.



GCA Book Series [in German]

latest volume:

Between Mao and Confucius [in German]

Leibniz’ Novissima Sinica

New: China Journal [in German]

Comprises e.g. the following papers:

Runge, Wolfgang, Cooperation in change: 30 years of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and the People's Republic of China

Woesler, Martin, Letter from Beijing. Celebration of 30 years German-Chinese Diplomatic Relations 1972-2002

Paul, Gregor, Traditional Culture, national economic system and international business - Remarks reg. the German-Chinese "with" and "against each other"

Collection of Papers of the Symposium on the 50th anniversary of the P.R. China

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Commerzbank Hamburg  631126000 (BLZ 20040000), Postbank Hamburg  239550204 (BLZ 20010020)

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