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Dr. Martin Woesler is a member of the board of the German China Association, translator of the Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber (together with Rainer Schwarz), and author of a Chinese-German Dictionary (together with Renli Zhang)
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China's cultural identity  Chinese production culture  self perception and foreign perception contemporary culture
underground culture culture of migrant workers youth attitude towards life alienation dropouts of society
economy politics Chinese legal system mega cities city cultures (Peking, Shanghai, Hong Kong) flight from the land
internet protection of intellectual property corruption protection of the environment non-governmental organizations
Chinese films modern Chinese art architecture and urbanism
coming to terms with the past (a museum for the Cultural Revolution) intellectuals and artists as the social conscience civil society and critical public
mass psychology nationalism/patriotism aesthetics in search of an ideology in search of orientation
cultural roots reception of Confucius negotiation culture and stratagems legitimization of and participation in power 
literature: authors/trends China at the Frankfurt Book Fair language translation interpretation  dream
media   print media   German literature   comparison of cultures   culturemap