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Prof. Dr. phil. Gregor Paul
Karlsruhe University

Institute of Philosophy and Institute for Applied Cultural Sciences

Building 20.12, Room 107.

Phone +49-(0)721-608-2149 or -608-7744.

Home: phone +49-(0)721-816802.




Main interests
  • philosophy of logic, philosophy of science, methodology of humanities
  • philosophical aesthetics
  • philosophy of human rights
  • comparative philosophy (with particular regard to traditional Chinese and Japanese philosophy).

Academic degrees, and positions held:
  • 1970/71 university degrees ("Staatsexamen") in philosophy, mathematics, and German studies
  • 1976 PhD
  • 1985 habilitation degree in philosophy
  • 1971-79 senior high school teacher
  • 1979-1993 (with interruptions) German Academic Exchange Lecturer, Associate Professor, and/or Guest Professor of German studies, and philosophy in Japan and in the PR of China.
  • Since 1993: apl. Professor of Philosophy, Academic Advisor to the Japanese Culture Center in Düsseldorf
  • Since 1998: President of the German China Association
  • 1999-2000: Director of the Euro-Asian Academy of Culture and Economics in Achern
  • Since 2003: Participation in the project "The Book of Mencius and the Human Rights Issue" at Bochum University
Main English publications:
  • Philosophical Theories of Beauty and Scientific Research on the Brain. Beauty and the Brain, ed. I. Rentschler (Basel, Boston, Berlin, 1989)
  • Aspects of Confucianism (München: Peter Lang, 1990)
  • Equivalent Axioms of Aristotelian, or Traditional European, and Later Mohist Logic: An Argument in Favor of the Universality of Logic and Rationality. Epistemological Issues in Classical Chinese Philosophy, ed. H. Lenk and G. Paul (SUNY, 1993)
  • Reflections on the tertium non datur: theories and applications in Chinese and European philosophies. Democracy in Asia, ed. M. Schmiegelow (New York: St Martin's Press, 1997).

Co-editor of:
  • Hôrin: Vergleichende Studien zur japanischen Kultur/Comparative Studies in Japanese Culture
  • Buddhismus-Studien/Buddhist Studies
  • Mitteilungsblatt der DCG/Bulletin of the German China Association
2004, July 17